1 February 2012


Hello there and welcome to my blog. I am Luna and together with my partner Leo we raise our two sons, Aries and Tauren. We are a party of four in Sydney, Australia.

Our 'blog' names are not our 'real-life' names but the stories I share with you are truthfully our own. I've waited four long years to begin this blog and, after much consideration (and debate) I have to allow my partner his right to anonymity. We have also come to believe our children (as adults) may not be as accepting of Mummy's desire to publicise the moments they had once thought private and special.

I am no expert on horoscopes and admittedly I do follow them. I met my partner because of my horoscope reading. I was as low as I could be, pregnant in my first trimester, abondoned by my ex and facing the future as an unwed single-mother. A chance reading of my horoscope said, that no matter my circumstances I had to accept a friend's invitation, as I would meet someone who would play a significant role in my life. That same week, a good friend invited to me to her daughter's first birthday and without question, I accepted.

That 'someone' is Leo, my partner of seven years and the 'significance', our children.

Leo is a native Kiwi - not the bird - and before his beloved father passed away we used to visit him on his rural property in New Zealand. This photo is my favourite view from the barn, the garden is overgrown and on the same day Leo and Aries were helping cut it back. Looking at it always inspires me to give up my urban life and live self-sufficiently, allowing nature to nurture our family. This photo was taken the last time we saw Leo's father.

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