6 November 2012

I'm baaaaack

Hello Blog

Late September my family and I made an interstate move, our first and hopefully our last. It absolutely knocked me over! After the declutter, packing, cleaning, a two-hour delayed flight, then unpacking and organising our new home we spent our first month relaxing, catching up with friends and getting to know our new area.

Yesterday, we finally got the internet connection up and running. Luckily one of my friend's husbands spent a few minutes on our computer and discovered Leo had been given a faulty software programme which slowed everything down and let in a few viruses. We are nearly sorted 'tech wise' but at least for the present I can read my favourite blogs and post myself. I had used Leo's mobile phone internet for a while but the small screen was giving me headaches.

What I love about this interstate move is the water! We are in an area surrounded by lakes and yet we are only 10 minutes drive from the beach. This neighbourhood has so many outdoor activities for our boys that we are quite relaxed with 8-year-old Aries spending hours with his new friends who also attend the same school. This is something that was missing at our previous home as most of Aries' school friends lived in different suburbs.

We also had lots of fun with our first Halloween, not a big event where we previously lived, or Australia-wide I think. I changed my mind about Halloween after I read quite alot about it and also our children now no longer have any family here I wanted them to at least remember this big move with as much fun. I didn't know if Halloween was accepted here but taking my queue from the shop shelves, I grabbed the last Scream mask from Target and found purple streamer from my Party stash. Next year I'll be better prepared, with a costume too like the parents escorting their kids around.

Tauren aka 'The Hulk' started to eat from my bowl of 'treats' so I had Leo take him for a walk around the lake and pick up dinner. Leo then rang me to say 'The Hulk' was making a grand performance to strangers enjoying their evening stroll, even jumping out in front of a baby. Aries aka 'Harry Potter' came home with a half-full bucket of treats and commented how much he loved his First Halloween Night. His new friends gave him high-fives on his costume, which he had worn for his 8th birthday party costume back in March. Luckily I saved it then.

Can you tell how much we love it here? Hahaha. Looking forward to reading your blog soon.

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  1. Glad to hear you're back! It's wonderful that you're close to the lakes and the beach. I'm a bit jealous. Hope you settle in well and soon.


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