14 March 2012

Wednesday Wishlist: New baby

Firstly, I am not having a baby. It's always good news hearing of new babes to come - as long as they are someone else's. I am looking for 'new baby' gifts for Leo's cousin who lives in Melbourne with her husband. This babe is also their first.

Secondly, I wanted to congratulate Ellie and Katie who have recently announced their pregnancies on their respective blogs. I wish them both a wonder-filled time in the months ahead. Check them out soon.

Peters of Kensington
1. Polka Dot Hooded Towel, Lime
2. Vintage Knitted Cotton Baby Blanket, White
3. Bamboo Kickers Baby Sock Set

Urban Baby
4. LTC Wooden Door Letters
5. Pearhead Babyprint Keepsake
6. Skip Hop Hug & Hide Stroller Toy, Lamb

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  1. lovely finds, even though i'm also NOT expecting a baby :)

    p.s thanks for saying hi over at my blog. it's nice to "meet" you x

  2. I'm always on the lookout for baby presents too, even though i'm not pregnant. All my friends seem to be!
    These are lovely gift ideas

  3. Gaby - you're welcome.
    Trishie - thank you.


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