21 March 2012

Wednesday Wishlist: Invite only

Did I mention that Leo and I are engaged? We were engaged in February 2008 and four years later, after some unhappy events, we are now planning to elope. There are so many reasons why we've put it off but, only three reasons stand out for the Just-Do-It-Vote; faith, each other and our sons.

We've been to some 'really good' and 'never again' weddings in our time together. But, here are some weddings I wished I was a guest at...
See that Bride and Groom infront of the vase? That's the couple I had already bought for our 'big wedding' day. It's no longer what we envision for our elopement, so I'm going to eBay them.

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  1. Your plans to elope sound lovely, go by your heart and your wedding day will be filled with memories to cherish forever.


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